Starting at 24 weeks you can come to have a 3D/4D HD Live ultrasound made. The best period for this ultrasound is around the 27th week of your pregnancy. This ultrasound includes the HD Live film and photos on a USB stick and some colored prints of photo quality. This long ultrasound lasts 30 minutes.

With a 3D ultrasound there is an extra depth and color added to the 2D cross-section. 3D means three-dimensional and shows you 3 dimensions: length, width and depth. With a 3D ultrasound you look around the child and you only look at the outside of your child. These are always still images in color.

With a 4D ultrasound you see moving 3D color images. A 4D ultrasound is also called a “live 3D” ultrasound. The movement of the baby during the ultrasound is the 4th dimension. With a 4D ultrasound you see the child alternately in 2D black-white images and in moving 3D colored images. With the 3/4D images you are able to see the shape of the baby well if the child is lying in a favorable position. Starting at the 24th week, if the baby is in a favorable position, you can already see the unique shape of the baby’s face.