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With all of the ultrasounds upon request you will receive a few printed black-white photos to take home!

With the normal 2D and 3D/4D HD Live ultrasounds, all of the videos and images that are made during the ultrasound are put on a USB stick that you can also take with you.

Unfortunately these ultrasounds upon request are not covered by the health insurer. Our rates are shown below.

Young pregnancy scan8- 16 weeks15 min€40,-
Foetal sexingfrom 16 weeks15 min€45,-
2D-scanFrom 16 -35 weeks15 min€55,-
2/3/4D scanFrom 24-30 weeks30 min€110,-
Combi-package*16 weeks and 24+ weeks15 + 30 min€135,-
Giftcard for scan--€25,- to €110,-

*After the gender determination, a follow-up appointment is scheduled for the 3D/4D ultrasound or you can contact our assistant to schedule an appointment.