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You are able to have an early ultrasound scan starting at 7 weeks to see if you are or are not pregnant. This is always a 2D ultrasound.

An early viability ultrasound (under 10 weeks) is best made with an internal (vaginal) ultrasound. With an internal ultrasound, a small part of a narrow, long probe is gently inserted into the vagina. A condom is placed around the ultrasound probe and gel is used as lubricant. The insertion of the ultrasound probe is usually not painful. With an internal ultrasound the ultrasound probe comes closer to the uterus and we are able to get a clearer view of the baby. With an abdominal ultrasound before 10 weeks it is more difficult to get a clear image because the uterus is still behind the pubic bone.

The most important part of this ultrasound is of course to see a beating heart. The ultrasound takes approximately 15 minutes.