The ultrasounds upon request are provided by Godelief Maassen. She shares a bit about herself below:

After years of working as a midwife and sonographer in the clinic, I made the switch from the practice to a teacher. I enjoyed working with students and I had more time for my own family and three children. I realized after years of working as a teacher that I missed the contact with the pregnant woman and their partners. With you, that is!

I returned to ultrasounds and completed an updated ultrasound training. In addition to working as a teacher/internship coordinator at the midwifery academy, I have resumed working as a sonographer since 2013. It’s so fun to be able to share a glimpse into your pregnancy! Time and time again it’s special to be able to have such a close-up picture of the baby.

We will see each other during the ultrasound upon request consultation hour. See you then!


An ultrasound upon request is an extra ultrasound that is made upon request of the mother-to-be and partner and therefore WITHOUT A MEDICAL INDICATION.

These ultrasounds are not covered by the health insurer.

An ultrasound upon request provides you as parents-to-be the opportunity to see your child before birth. The technique uses harmless sound waves, which are transmitted by a device (the transducer) into the abdomen. The computer then converts the reflected sound waves into images that are immediately displayed on the screen. The clarity of the image is dependent on the duration of pregnancy, the anatomy of the mother and the position of the child. You are welcome to bring a family member and/or friend to the ultrasound upon request.


Ultrasounds upon request can be made at our location in Diemen.

It is possible to schedule an appointment for every Wednesday evening between 17:30 and 21:30. It is easy to make this appointment yourself online and pay on our website via Ideal. https://verloskundigenvida.nl/pretechos/afspraak-maken/


De Brede Hoed
D.J. den Hartoglaan 8
1111 ZC Diemen

Please note: In Diemen there is paid parking!

Because it is an evening consultation, please ring the video-bell (on the right side next to the entrance).