Corona Update 20-10-2020

Now that the number of Corona cases is increasing again throughout the country, we at Vida Verloskundigen have decided to tighten the measures and want to us this Corona newsletter (#3) to inform you about this. The Vida midwives, sonographers, assistants and nurses try as a team to keep a cool head and a warm heart in our work. The manner in which we would prefer to work is not always possible, but a lot of the ways in which we usually provide care have been able to stay the same which we are happy about. We love our work and try to care for you as well and as adequately as possible in this special period in your lives. We want to thank you again for your commitment, understanding and adherence to the measures, we profit from this as well! You are strong and responsible pregnant women and we are extremely thankful for this! Of course we are trying as a team in our work and in our private lives to look as closely as possible at which measures we can apply to prevent us from getting infected and keep us from infecting you. But please keep in mind that in the coming months it may happen that you see a different midwife than the one that you are familiar with in your team. Since we can also sometimes be sick with a cold we will then need to be tested, and in this time will need to temporarily be replaced with another midwife. Fortunately we at Vida work with a big team and are all aligned in the manner of working and are well suited to continue to care for you this fall and winter.

We continue to be committed to the general guidelines and we ask for you to commit to these as well. We follow the advice of our midwifery professional organization (the KNOV) and the RIVM. We will not shake hands, we stick to the 1,5m distance when possible, we wash our hands and limit the number of people that we see when we can. Of course if we have symptoms we will stay home, also with mild symptoms of a cold.

The check-ups

– The intake appointment and the follow-up check will be done by telephone, please keep an eye on your telephone when you have planned the telephone appointment. You will be called by an anonymous telephone number.

Partners are only allowed to come with the term ultrasound (around 11 weeks) and the SEO (20 weeks ultrasound). They must also wear a mouth mask and of course not have any complaints (do NOT bring children or extra family members).

– If you or your partner have a cold or flu symptoms, do NOT come to the practice and call the assistant for consultation.

Face masks

We ask that you wear a face mask during your prenatal checkups at the clinic. If we do a home visit an come closer than <1,5m we will also wear a mask (with exception of the delivery). Also for appointments or ultrasounds that are longer than 15 minutes we will wear a mask.

Please note: A mask should be worn over nose and mouth. A disposable mask can be used for a maximum of 3 hours. Put the mask on before you come into the clinic and then disinfect your hands upon entering. Do not touch the mask any more after this point. Cotton masks should be washed every day at 60C. We will clean the rooms as much as possible and try to ventilate between appointments.

We understand that it can sometimes feel disappointing and isolating now that you are pregnant. Maternity leave and the postpartum period look different now that you cannot get big hugs and snuggles from family members. We would like to share with you this nice picture. A baby boy that was just born by Vida two weeks ago. This is the wonderful moment that you are working towards in this time! And with each baby, each new life that is born, there is also new hope and new strength. That is exactly what this time needs.


Let op: Ook bij Vida wordt jouw verloskundigenzorg 100% vergoed door alle zorgverzekeraars!
Let op: Ook bij Vida wordt jouw verloskundigenzorg 100% vergoed door alle zorgverzekeraars!