Update Corona

Increase in number of Corona cases

Now that the number of Corona cases is increasing throughout the country again, we at Vida Verloskundigen have decided to tighten the measures again.

We will continue to work together to stick to the general guidelines and we ask for your commitment in this as well. We follow the recommendations of the midwifery professional organization (the KNOV) and the RIVM. We do not shake hands, we keep 1,5m distance when possible, we wash our hands and limit the number of people that we see when we can. If you have symptoms you should of course stay home, even with mild symptoms of a cold.


If you have gone on vacation to a country where a ‘code orange’ applies, we ask that you wait at least 10 days after returning home before coming to your appointment. Call the assistant to reschedule your appointment if necessary.

If you are concerned about your pregnancy, you can arrange with the midwife on call to be seen outside of the normal consultation hours. This is to limit the chance of potentially infecting others.

Let us know if you have been tested for Corona and/or have symptoms that strongly suggest you have been infected. Then we can take the necessary measures.

The pregnancy check-ups

The pregnancy check-ups that have already been scheduled will remain as planned. We ask that you come alone as much as possible to the appointments. This is to limit the number of people our midwives come into contact with each day. The more people they see in a day, the more the risk of infection increases. Exceptions can be made for the intake appointment, the dating ultrasound, the 20-week ultrasound and the appointment when you discuss the birth.

Partners that come with to the appointment are requested to keep 1,5 meter distance away from the midwife. In the event that there are multiple people waiting in the waiting room, then partners are requested to wait outside until their wife/girlfriend is called in for her appointment.


We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to arrange, but please try your best to come without children to the appointments. If for one time this is not possible, then it is alright if you have to take your children with you. We do request that you hold small children on your lap during the appointment/ultrasound.

Hand washing

We ask everyone who comes into the healthcare center to wash or disinfect their hands before entering the consultation room.

Waiting room

If the waiting room gets too full then we request that partners and/or children wait outside until it is the pregnant woman’s turn for her appointment.

Ultrasound upon request

For ultrasounds upon request we have a maximum of 1 adult + 1 child under 10 years old Children under 10 years old need to be able to sit still and if necessary sit on someone’s lap.

The delivery

For deliveries in the hospital it is only possible in AMC, OLVG East and West to take one extra person, other than your partner, with you for the birth. At a homebirth you can choose who you’d like to have with you. However, this is of course while adhering to the 1,5m rule.

Postpartum visits

We are happy to do home visits after the birth. We will keep 1,5 meter distance when possible and will wash our hands upon arrival and prior to leaving.

If you would rather have your postpartum appointment by telephone and we think that this is medically acceptable, then of course this is fine and will help to keep you healthy! Ask for the possibilities when planning your appointments.



Let op: Ook bij Vida wordt jouw verloskundigenzorg 100% vergoed door alle zorgverzekeraars!
Let op: Ook bij Vida wordt jouw verloskundigenzorg 100% vergoed door alle zorgverzekeraars!