verloskundigen echopraktijk vida thuis of in het ziekenhuis

The normal period of delivery is between 37 and 42 weeks. This is also the period in which a midwife will look after you while delivering. Before 37 weeks and after 42 weeks you will have to give birth under surveillance of a gynecologist. 

Under normal circumstances you are the one to choose whether you want to give birth at home or in a hospital. During the pregnancy, or sometimes even at the moment of delivery you will decide which option suites you most. If there are no complications during pregnancy or labor, your home is a comfortable and safe place for giving birth. You can choose how you want to give birth, in bed, on the baarkruk or in a bath. We leave the choice up to you, unless problems occur and we will have to refer you to a gynecologist.

If you choose to deliver at the hospital, we will guide you through the process in the hospital. Most of the times, we go to the hospital once the process has started of thoroughly. Check whether your insurance company compensates for a delivery in the hospital, sometimes you’ll need to provide an addition yourself.

For a delivery at the hospital, we mostly visit the AMC. For people who live in Abcoude, the Amstelland hospital in Amstelveen is also available, and for those in Duivendrecht and Diemen we usually go to the OLVG hospital.