There are many maternal courses available that you can attend when you’re pregnant. Some you can attend by yourself, like yoga for pregnant women, while other classes are great to take together with your partner. This page gives you somewhat of an overview of what kind of courses are available.

The main goal of a maternal course is to prepare you for birth in an informative way but also in a practical way. A course can help you to feel better throughout your pregnancy, both physically and mentally. It can also help you after you’ve given birth as your body is restoring again. When you attend a course, you may find it’s a great way to meet other pregnant women and soon to be parents with whom you can connect. Often times people who take the same course will still meet up after they’ve finished the course and given birth.

Even when you’ve already given birth before, it can still be great to attend a course because it can actually provide you with some rest and time for yourself and a moment where you can really focus on your pregnancy.

Depending on what you’re interested in, there are many different courses revolving around pregnancy that you’ll be able to attend. Examples are: Hypnobirthing, Haptonomy, Yoga, Birthing Together. There are also courses available in other languages and special courses for teen moms to attend with their peers .

Your midwife is able to provide you with the right information or you can find most of the information you need online.

Most maternal courses aren’t covered by insurance companies, but only partly if you’ve chosen to take out extra insurance. Make sure to check this with your insurance company.
Thankfully, there are also free courses available in Amsterdam. The free courses that are provided by SAG are given at the OKT in Gaasperdam and De Bonte Kraai in Kraaiennest. More information about these courses can be found at: Rondom de Geboorte.

Apart from maternal courses, you’re also able to attend courses that focus on the time after you’ve given birth to help you become fit and strong again and to give you information about motherhood. Lastly, there are also parenting courses available that you can attend alone of with your partner and courses that teach you how to give your baby a massage. Some of these courses are also offered by Rondom de Geboorte.

Highlight of some of the courses available:

Bevalwijzer (delivery guide)
Antenatal classes for women who want to know everything about childbirth in the Netherlands

Birthing Together
The maternity course Birthing Together (Samen Bevallen) helps you as parents to be prepared for the birth of your baby in an informative and practical way.

Childbirth Class Gale
Are you looking for an English childbirth class in the Netherlands? Childbirth class Gale offers various courses in Amsterdam. Most of the courses are face-to-face except the Four-weekly course and the Preparing for Parenthood course.

Doula praktijk: Birth Support Susan
Susan is a doula who supports you and your partner throughout your pregnancy and leading up to the birth. Susan works in Amsterdam, Abcoude and beyond. It’s also possible to rent a birthing pool here.

Down to Birth
Join in on the weekly birth preparation courses, every Monday evening, in Diemen. During this course by Clara we will use the best of all worlds. Pregnancy yoga, theory, breathing exercises, meditation and mindfulness.

Hypnobirthing Randstad
Hypnobirthing Randstad offers various courses for everyone in Amsterdam, Haarlem, the Zaanstreek and online. These are taught by Esther George & Najva Ehsani, both experienced midwives and hypnobirthing teachers. Esther George is also the author of the book; Hypnobirthing New Style.

Mom & co
Various on- and offline courses for soon to be parents to prepare them for the birth of their baby.

Natural Waves Hypnobirthing in Zuidoost
A complete, practical and friendly 12 hour long hypnobirthing pregnancy course that will teach you to release anxiety and gain confidence in your pregnancy and giving birth. This course is meant to prepare you and your partner positively for birth with lots of attention to you being in control, body & mind.

Nine Moons in Weesp
Maternal, Pre- & Postnatal Coaching

Powermama Zuidoost
Especially for women who want to exercise during pregnancy and/or after giving birth. This training program focuses on building strength and endurance. You also learn to move responsibly in daily life as a mother.

Spinning Babies
A 3 hour in person course that will teach you to bring your body back into balance in order for the baby to have a chance at a smooth birth.

Sleep like Rosie
Sleep like Rosie advises parents about sleep for their babies and children. They also offer other consults and first aid courses for babies and children.

Welcome to Mankind
The best preparation for fatherhood. By watching short and humorous videos when it suits you, you will learn everything about the issues that will play a role in the coming months regarding pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.

Other interesting courses:

Baas Acupunctuur
Renée Baas treats many women with pregnancy complaints. Acupuncture is a safe tool to reduce serious complaints, so that mother and father can enjoy the most beautiful period in their lives.

Janny Brienen
Haptonomy helps you to become aware of the signals your body is giving you and helps you to interpret these well.

Maternal courses & Mindfulness:
Mirjam Vos
Mirjam’s offer consists of various courses also in English in Amsterdam or at your house. One of her courses is called Pregnant and Fit Compact. Mirjam also wrote the book Liefdevol Bevallen.

Yoga cursussen:
Yoga Studio Diemen

Amstelveen Yoga Praktijk
Yogapraktijk Shruti Amstelveen
Ayurveda for mother and baby Amstelveen

Kitty Steenvoort private session to prepare you for giving birth & baby massages.


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Let op: Ook bij Vida wordt jouw verloskundigenzorg 100% vergoed door alle zorgverzekeraars!
Let op: Ook bij Vida wordt jouw verloskundigenzorg 100% vergoed door alle zorgverzekeraars!