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You have just gotten pregnant, and what now? The early information is for all soon-to-be parents who are expecting their first child. During this group information session you will receive information about topics such as lifestyle, eating habits, and working during pregnancy.

The information evenings are also offered in English and Arabic, look at the calendar when registering.

We will be offering all of our information sessions online via Zoom. The app can be downloaded here. These session will have some adjustments and up to date information regarding pregnancy during this Corona period.

After downloading the app you can use this to register by clicking on the following link.


  • The early information evenings are offered free of charge and are organized by Rondom de Geboorte.
  • The session contains information on everything that is important in order to have a healthy pregnancy, and this one is preferably done before your first appointment at the practice.
  • The information sessions are given by experienced professionals (midwives, dietician, remedial therapists).
  • There is plenty of space to ask questions about things that are concerning you or that you are wondering about in the pregnancy. And you will also have the opportunity to hear questions (and answers) from others.
  • You can easily join the meeting online at home from the couch with your partner, mother, a boy- or girlfriend.


  • What does the midwife do?
  • Prenatal testing
  • Eating habits
  • Baby’s development
  • Lifestyle: do’s and don’ts
  • Infectious diseases
  • Symptoms and changes
  • Breastfeeding
  • When to call
  • Practical things to arrange

Via this website you can find 5 animations in 5 different languages: Dutch, English, Arab, Polish and Turkish, about how it works to have a baby in the Netherlands and where you can find help.

Let op: Ook bij Vida wordt jouw verloskundigenzorg 100% vergoed door alle zorgverzekeraars!
Let op: Ook bij Vida wordt jouw verloskundigenzorg 100% vergoed door alle zorgverzekeraars!