Scan consulting hours

The first term ultrasound, the combinationtest and the 20-week scan (SEO) are done at our practice in Reigersbos, by a midwife-scanner of Vida. 

For the first scan ist important that you have a full bladder. You can drink a few glasses of water before coming to the practice.

The optimum term to check the term date is at 11 weeks. Often people ask us to make a scan before 11 weeks of pregnancy, unfortunately this doesn’t tell us anything. Thereby healtcare insurance only covers one term echo.

The 20-week scan will take about 45 min. Please don’t bring children under 4 years.

Marike Nijman, Remke Grootenhuis or Maylis Sanjuan are present two days a week, to make ultrasound scans. 

You can make an appointment for a scan during the check-up with your midwife, or on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, thursday and Fridays between 08.30 AM and 11:30 AM, via the assistant, view contact for more information.