Although most women are not thinking about contraception directly after giving birth, it is still a topic that must be given consideration. You are able to get pregnant again within a short period after the delivery. Below you will find more information about contraception provided by Verloskundigen Vida.

When can you start contraception after giving birth?

For a woman giving formula milk, the first menstruation occurs an average of 6 weeks after the delivery. The woman ovulates two weeks prior to the first menstruation, at which point she is already fertile. For a woman exclusively breastfeeding, the chance of pregnancy is small (2%). As soon as the women decreases the frequency of breastfeeding, pumps milk, gives formula milk or supplemental milk, the chance of pregnancy increases. Once menstruation returns you are fertile again, even if you are still breastfeeding. Regardless of when you resume sexual intercourse we advise you to start thinking about contraception after giving birth.

Which contraception method do you choose?

Your choice of contraception method is dependent on your own preference and situation. This may be different after your pregnancy than it was before. For more information on which contraception method is right for you, refer to and Verloskundigen Vida provides prescriptions for all types of contraception methods. In addition, we also perform insertions of intrauterine devices (IUDs) and implants during our contraception consultation hours. Below you will find a description of the various types of contraception methods.

More information?

Costs can be found here.
You can find information about IUD here
You can find information about implanon here pagina vinden

If you would like more information about the different types of contraception you can refer to the links below or contact one of the midwives.


If there is a possibility that you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or if you have abnormal discharge (different color/odor), we will advise you to take an STD-test. We can perform the STD-test for you prior to the insertion of the IUD. You are also able to do a self-test at home. The materials needed for the test are available at our practice in Reigersbos. Unlike many “home-tests” that are available, the tests we offer are reliable.

The results of the test take 5 business days. The results are sent to the midwifery practice and we will then call you if there is an abnormal result. The costs of this are between 35-40 euros and depending on your insurance may or may not be covered. You will receive an invoice from the laboratory. All women younger than 25 years old can receive free STD-testing from the GGD. You can make an appointment for this via the GGD website ( If you are older than 25 years old you can do a self-test at home.

Pregnancy test€ 3,00
STD-test€ 35,00 – 40,00
More Information:

Let op: Ook bij Vida wordt jouw verloskundigenzorg 100% vergoed door alle zorgverzekeraars!
Let op: Ook bij Vida wordt jouw verloskundigenzorg 100% vergoed door alle zorgverzekeraars!