Postnatal care

Maria and Elsa are our maternity nurses. They alternate days and do home visits on all weekdays during the first week postpartum. After you have given birth, they will come to visit you at home to see how you and your baby are doing. Our maternity nurses perform medical checks on mother and child, help you start with (breast)feeding and will discuss with you any questions or concerns you may have. They will also talk to you about your labor and how you experienced this. During the postnatal week, the midwife who was with you during your labor will try to visit you at least once.

Besides being a maternity nurse, Maria is also a lactation consultant who has her own practice. During your postnatal week she can offer you advice. Should you need more help, she will plan an appointment with you. It’s also possible to contact Maria after your postnatal week for an appointment. You can plan these with her through her website: www.mariavanstarkenburg.com

Postpartum check-up

Although we usually close off care during the postpartum week after 8 days, we remain your contact point and are available for questions regarding your recovery for the first 6 weeks after birth.  It’s possible to come to a final check up 6 weeks after you’ve given birth. We call this the postpartum check-up. During this appointment we discuss with you how the weeks since the delivery have gone and we reflect back on the entire period of pregnancy and birth. We of course love to have one last chance to admire your baby, but you can also come alone if that is preferable to you. We like to hear how motherhood is for you and if there is anything else we can do for you. Perhaps you want us to inspect how the stitches have healed, or to check your iron level if this was low at the time of the delivery. We can additionally prescribe contraception or plan a follow-up appointment to insert an IUD. During your postnatal week, the midwife will discuss with you if you would like to plan this check-up.

Let op: Ook bij Vida wordt jouw verloskundigenzorg 100% vergoed door alle zorgverzekeraars!
Let op: Ook bij Vida wordt jouw verloskundigenzorg 100% vergoed door alle zorgverzekeraars!