Sonogram Consultation. The term echo, the combination test and the 20 week scan are made at our practice in Reigersbos and Diemen, by an echographist of Vida. It concerns medical ultrasounds. In Diemen you can also make an appointment for fun echo’s.

At the term echo it is important to have a full bladder. Drink a couple of glasses water 30 minutes before the sonogram.

The best term to make a term echo is between 11-12 weeks pregnancy, this is the best term to determine the duration of the pregnancy. We also make a scan at around 8-9 weeks to check if there is a heartbeat. Sometimes a pregnancy still ends in a miscarriage.


The 20 week scan is a medical ultrasound and takes about 45 minutes. We ask you not to take any children under the age of 4.


Three to four days a week are Marike Nijman, Remke Grootenhuis, Maylis Sanjuan and Roos de Boer in stock to make sonograms.


You can make an appointment for an ultrasound with your midwife. You can also make an appointment by calling the assistant on the phone number 020 6977016 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 9.00 and 11.30 A.M.