“Verloskundigen Vida” is a partnership consisting of 6 partners. Our practice exists almost 20 years! First we were called “Verloskundigen Amsterdam Zuidoost”and after that “Ciguña”.

From 1995 to 2000 the practice was a two-man practice that operated in the regions of Venserpolder, Reigersbos and Nellestein. In 2000 we’ve had the opportunity to expand the practice because the regions of Holendrecht and Diemen didn’t have any obstetricians. Along with 3 new enthusiastic midwives we managed to continue the practice at Millingenhof as Verloskundigenpraktijk Zuidoost.

In 2002 there was space to take along Abcoude and environment as well, when the present obstetrician retired. Because of the lack of space in the practice at Millingenhof, we moved to Opheusdenhof. Meanwhile, a need for more definite obstetricians in the practice had risen, and in 2003 Marike, Caroline, Remke, Maria, Helene and Maylis were welcomed to the practice, which then got its new name Ciguena.

From 2004 to 2009 the practice was rather peaceful and stable, as a result of which we have been able to determine and execute our vision: “ personal and obstetric guidance though the process of pregnancy to parenthood”. From our recently held poll among our clients, we’ve learned our care is indeed being experienced personal and complete. 

Since a few years, ultrasound scans have been taking an important place in obstetrics. Since 2007 Marike, Maylis and Remke offer all indications for ultrasounds in our own practice in Reigersbos. Since 2009 Maria, Helene and Maylis have been a part of our factual team of obstetricians and midwives. In that same year, a new healthcare centre has been opened in Reigersbos, and we we continued our obstetrical practice there. We are a part of the Ouder en Kind Centrum (OKC) of Reigersbos. We used this occasion to change our beautiful but difficult name “Ciguena” into “Verloskundigen Vida”.