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Update Coronavirus

Now that the measures around Coronavirus are being expanded across the country, we at Vida Midwifery are doing this as well. We are happy to share this with you! The past several weeks you have missed being able to take your partner with you to appointments, such as the ultrasound, and you had to find arrangements for your toddlers when you came for your check-ups. We want to thank you again for your understanding, support and commitment!

We must of course continue to work together to follow the general guidelines and we ask for your continued commitment in this. We will follow the recommendations of our professional midwifery organization (the KNOV) and the RIVM.

We will not shake any hands, we will continue to keep 1,5m distance when possible, we will wash our hands frequently, and will limit the number of people that we see when possible. Of course if you have any symptoms you are asked to stay home, even with mild symptoms of a cold.

For our midwifery care, the expansion of the measures means the following:

Prenatal appointments

The prenatal appointments that are already scheduled will remain as planned. Staring on the 11th of May we will start planning appointments according to the “old” visit schedule. If you have a telephone intake planned in the next few weeks and you would rather come to the practice for an in-person intake, then you are more than welcome! Please call the assistant to ask which location you need to come to for your intake and so that the midwife knows to expect you in-person rather than to have to call you.

We continue to prefer that you come to your appointments alone. We however also understand that for certain appointments it is important to be able to take your partner with you. Please use your own judgment as to when you want to bring your partner with you to the appointment. We are not providing any guidelines on this, but ask for your understanding to come alone as much as possible to limit the number of social contacts our midwives and sonographers are exposed to. If your partner comes then they must wait outside of the practice and when you are called from the waiting room you can call your partner to come join you. This is to avoid that the waiting room gets too busy. Furthermore: partners should keep 1,5m distance from our midwives and sonographers.

Please leave children at home as much as possible. If this is not possible for a given appointment, then you may bring your children with you. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to arrange childcare.

The birth

At the birth it is now possible to have your partner and one additional person with you, both for a home birth as well as for a birth in the hospital. It is still unclear if an extra person will be accepted in all hospitals. If we have any updates on this we will let you know at your appointment.

The postpartum visits

We would like to resume doing home-visits in the postpartum week after the birth. We will keep 1,5m distance when possible and will wash our hands upon arrival and prior to departure. For any medical checks we need to do we will wear gloves.

Ultrasound-on-request possible starting May 13!

Our professional organization has also lifted the restrictions on non-medical ultrasounds. This means that you are now able to book extra ultrasounds on our website. For more information on the possibilities please visit the website:

If you would rather have an appointment by telephone and we agree that an in-person visit is not medically essential, then this is of course okay and helps to keep us and you healthy! Ask about the possibilities when planning your appointment.

We have said it before, we are looking forward to working with you to make your pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period a beautiful experience and hope that these changes will contribute to that!


Birth control possible again!

In recent weeks, the birth control consultation hours have been canceled due to COVID -19. On the advice of our professional association, we have decided to restart birth control care, so we can relieve the general practice doctors and gynecologists.

You can call the practice to make an appointment. Of course, the conditions remain that you have no complaints appropriate to COVID-19. We work according to the hygiene standards of the RIVM. Physical contact is kept to a minimum. We therefore ask you to come alone during the consultation hour. Escort or partner may wait in the waiting room or car.

If you have not yet made up your mind about the type of birth control, we will have a counseling call with you by phone. You will then receive information and help in deciding on the most suitable birth control method for you.


Dear client and partner,

The advice around the coronavirus is updated every day. The national organization of midwives (KNOV) has issued an advice for obstetric care. Every midwifery practice in our region is going to follow this advice.
Every day the situation is reevaluated and things can change. Please also check our social media(Facebook) so that you stay informed about the latest developments.

Consultation hour
If you have an appointment one of the following weeks, it’s possible you will receive a phone call from the midwife in the days prior to your scheduled appointment. Between 16-27 weeks of pregnancy, any check-ups are not medically necessary and are not being done, unless of course there is a medical reason to do so.
Check-ups that are being done, we try to keep as short as possible. This means that we will only check your blood pressure and the growth of the baby. Any questions we will answer by phone.
We ask you to come to your appointment alone and that you don’t bring your partner or siblings.
Of course the use of Facetime, for example during an ultrasound, is allowed.
All (medical) ultrasound appointments will continue.

Non-essential appointments like fun ultrasounds and the placement of an IUD will be canceled.
Centering Pregnancy sessions are being canceled at least until the end of March. We will schedule an individual appointment for you, if necessary.

The choice for a delivery at home or in the hospital remains. We can discuss the location of the delivery with you again, also regarding the occupation of the hospital beds and the workload of the hospital staff. When you are in labor, for the time being only one person can accompany you to the hospital. There are no other persons allowed, not in the hallway or anywhere else in the hospital. It is not allowed to have people visiting you in the hospital right after birth. If you have to stay in the hospital longer, then the rules of the hospital apply.

Postpartum period
The check-ups in the first week after birth will be done by phone as much as possible. Of course we will visit you if necessary.

In general
The same advice applies to pregnant women as to non-pregnant women. So keep an eye on the news and follow the general guidelines of the RIVM ( also in English).
Do you have a cold, are you coughing, do you have a fever and do you have an appointment? Tell us when we call you prior to the appointment. This way we can see what is the best thing to do in your situation.
Of course you can still reach us 24/7 and we will always see you if medically necessary.

All midwifery practices in our region are doing their very best to keep the chance of contamination and spreading of the virus as small as possible. We have agreed to help each other in case midwives get sick. This way we will keep focus on the quality of care and will do everything to guide you through this very special period in life.