verloskundigen echopraktijk vida wat heb je nodig

For your delivery you’ll need a few things. When you give birth at home, but also when you give birth in the hospital (planned or because of an emergency) you need to be prepared.

Most insurance companies provide a so called childbed package, but apart from that you will need a few more things:

  • 6 cotton diapers (hydrophilic diapers)
  • a digital thermometer
  • an iron jug
  • a dish tub
  • refuse bags

For the baby:

  • a crib with blankets and sheets (no quilts)
  • diapers
  • clothes, socks and a bonnet

If you don’t receive a childbed-package, you’ll have to get the following things:

  • 10 cellulose mats (the drugstore)
  • a big piece of plastic or a big canvas
  • 2 packs of maternity napkins
  • 2 packs of special sanitary towels
  • wads of cotton wool
  • 2 packs of sterile gauzes (zestientjes)
  • 10 gauzes, size 10×10 cm.
  • a little bottle of alcohol 70
  • cord clamp
  • disinfecting soap

From 37 weeks it’s useful to have a bag ready to take with you if you have to leave for the hospital:

  • T-shirt or pajama’s
  • clean clothes in which you can go home again
  • slippers
  • toilet articles
  • clothes for the baby
  • bonnet for the baby
  • a warm shawl or blanket for the baby
  • a camera
  • a punch plate of the hospital