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You just found out that you’re pregnant. You can register by calling with one of our assistants.

Pregnant, now what?

Your intake is when you’re approximately 8 weeks pregnant. You can check your due date on our site. If you have your intake around 8 weeks pregnancy we have enough time to inform you about prenatal testing.

At your intake we will be conducting a comprehensive history. The questions we’re going to ask you can already see in the questionnaire (this can be found on the page about register) on this website.This way you can prepare for the questions and you can try to find out the things you don’t know already.

Your first ultasound will be at 11 weeks pregnancy.

If you’re not take folic acid already, start this right away. We advice you to take folic acid from the moment you want to become pregnant until you’re 10 weeks pregnant. This way you reduce the chances of a spina bifida for the baby. You can buy folic acid at the drug store or the pharmacy.

Also check what you’re eating. More about this you can find on the page about advice.