Vida has a contract with all health insurance companies!

Starting from November it’s always a good moment to check your health insurance and decide if you would like to add care to your health insurance or even would like to change to a different health insurance company.

The premiums are announced again and through different comparison sites you can check which health insurance and company suits you the best in 2022.

We have a contract with all health insurance companies in the Netherlands. All midwife care, home birth and birth at the hospital because of medical reasons are included in the basic health insurance and will be compensated.

Unfortunately Vida is not mentioned on the health insurance search sites, due to a mistake at the insurance companies. Together with other midwife practices in Amsterdam we work on a good quality of birth care and together we form a care group (called Verloskundige Zorggroep Groot Amsterdam). At the moment you can only find us on the comparison sites (insurance search sites) under the name Verloskundige Zorggroep Groot Amsterdam.

In summary, your care at Vida will reimbursed for 100% by all health insurance companies!

Especially when you are early in your pregnancy or trying to get pregnant it is always a good idea to compare the different health insurances and see which one suits the best. On the site of de Consumentenbond and on the site of De is mentioned which care is covered and for which part of the care you can take additional insurance. You can check your own contribution for maternity care, prenatal screening, physiotherapy and birth control. There is also a personal contribution when you would like to give birth at the hospital, the so called outpatient delivery. Please check the height of your own contribution.

Birth control for women from 21 years of age is not covered in the basis health insurance. If you have additional insurance you do receive compensation. Please pay attention, it is possible that these costs have to be paid out of your own contribution amount and that you will receive an invoice from your health insurance company. Please contact your health insurance company for more information regarding your own possible contribution and the amount of the possible compensation.

Let op: Ook bij Vida wordt jouw verloskundigenzorg 100% vergoed door alle zorgverzekeraars!
Let op: Ook bij Vida wordt jouw verloskundigenzorg 100% vergoed door alle zorgverzekeraars!